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note book with pencil What does being a Governor involve?

The Council of Governors allows members to become more involved in the work of the Trust. They represent the views of Trust members, and the public, and have a say in the future delivery and development of services at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

This provides a really important opportunity to learn more about Nottinghamshire Healthcare. Being a governor gives a real sense of achievement by helping the Trust to improve, and is a great opportunity for personal and professional development.


Role of the Council of Governors

The Council of Governors is accountable to the members of the Trust via its Public, Staff and Partner Governors. The Trust will consult and involve the Council in the planning and strategic direction of the organisation.  The Council meets formally on 4 occasions during the year and annually at its Annual Members and Annual General Meeting.


Standing for election

Any member of Nottinghamshire Healthcare who is over 16 years old and meets the eligibility criteria can stand to be a governor. There are no specific qualifications or skills required, and no experience of board level responsibility necessary. You just need to be willing to be involved and represent the people in your area. Governors will be appointed for a specific period of office. Governor vacancies are listed below:

Public Constituencies

Nottingham City (2 vacancies)

Nottinghamshire County (6 vacancies)

South Yorkshire and the rest of the East Midlands (1 vacancy)

The rest of England and Wales (1 vacancy)

Staff Constituency

Non-Clinical Support Staff (1 vacancy)

Allied Health Professionals (1 vacancy)

How to apply

Nominations are now closed.




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