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Nottinghamshire Healthcare has a Council of Governors which consists of 37 Governors comprising:

  • 21 elected public Governors
  • 8 elected staff Governors
  • 8 appointed partner Governors

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Public Governors - Nottingham City

Steve How                                                                 

Declaration of interest - no interest declared.Steve How

About me:

I believe that we (as citizens, patients and carers) should be actively ensuring the NHS is engaging service users and carers in developing services and assuring quality, as we understand, first-hand our needs, and can help the NHS in achieving more effective and efficient care. Independent public service assurance is essential and, I believe, requires a deep understanding of the healthcare environment. Coupled with a commitment to engage with the trust, a willingness to reach out to a public network, the ability look in from the outside without an agenda and then to speak up. As a service user, I have long been committed to supporting local health and care in Nottingham.

I have extensive experience in public engagement and assurance with the health sector, previously as an NHS governor, with Nottinghamshire Healthcare (2010-2019) and previously, South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHSFT (2007-2010). As Chair of the Citizens Council, I was a board member of the Mid Notts Integrated Care Partnership (2017-2019). I has been very active in developing public engagement and experience across Nottingham with the Integrated Care System.


Lorna Marshall

Lorna MarshallDeclarations of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I have been a member of the Trust for 10 years. My background is in both the NHS and the private sector where I worked as a R.G.N and also Nursing Home Manager.

I have been a carer for my son for the past 18 years, Wayne has an enduring Mental Health illness. I have also been a service user myself. I feel I have a wide experience within the trust and hope to use this in my role as a Governor. I also hope to be more involved in the volunteering department.


Helen Drury                                                                   

Declarations of interest - no interest declaredHelen Drury

About me:

I have worked with the Involvement Team historically and have a passion for areas such as Mental Health, a subject close to my heart.

I have worked as a teacher within the Nottingham inner city Comprehensive schools for thirty years, and also have an interest and passion in relation to the subject of Special Needs, a complex area that is in need of as much support and improvement as possible.

I am a former Nottingham Magistrate of seven years, involving complicated decisions and coming into contact with a cross section of society.

I am a school Governor of a primary school, which currently allows me the opportunity to observe and gain an insight into this age group, as an extension of the experience with older children. I am Supportive of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.


Jean-Rene Agbodjan

Jean-Rene AgbodjanDeclarations of interest -  no interest declared

About me:

I am a teacher by initial profession, a theologian and minister by call and a writer by duty to the generations.

I am keen of human beings wellness (a WRAP facilitator since 2009), wellbeing and happiness. My motto is Human Beings Rather and this  also is the title of my book published in 2011.

Caring for Human Beings is my main concern and priority and this is what I have being doing through education, training and communications for decades now. And these are the skills and know how I will bring with me to the Governor position in order to be always part of the solution.


Anthea Mutepfa

Anthea MutepfaDeclarations of interest -  no interest declared

About me:

Like many others, I have been fortunate enough to receive excellent services when accessing Nottinghamshire Healthcare. Furthermore, I have actively participated in Patient and Public Involvement both as a patient and clinician. I am an advocate for excellent service quality for all, proven in my clinical experiences where I gained an understanding of the obstacles to good service quality and how they may be overcome through Patient and Public Involvement initiatives. I look to carry forth my drive for accountability in following the Trust's vision and values through the Council of Governors.

In my clinical training I essentially grasped a thorough understanding of the way in which the NHS commissions its services through the various frameworks outlined by NHS England. Looking back at the white paper, Equity and Excellence: liberating the NHS, I have the comprehension to prudently assimilate the status quo of services provided by Nottinghamshire Healthcare through the various indicators set by the NHS Outcomes Framework, Public Health England and the Department of Health. In my previous tenure as a member of the NHS West Midlands Healthcare Scientist Trainee Board, I acquired experience of working as a team in negotiating action plans to address meeting agendas. I am confident in my ability to participate productively in the council of governors which equally shares such responsibilities.


We currently have one Governor vacancy in the Nottingham City constituency.

Public Governors - Nottinghamshire County

Jim Aleander

Jim Aleander - Lead Governor

Declarations of Interest - 

  • Managing Director of The College Doctor Ltd
  • Managing Director of Principalian Properties Ltd
  • Chair of Cruse Bereavement Care, Nottinghamshire

About me:

I was delighted to be elected as a governor for the county area in May 2019 and became Lead Governor in 2020. My background is in the education sector, so there has been much to learn about the Trust and the world of NHS governance. This Foundation Trust provides a remarkable set of highly skilled and professional services across a range of health needs.

As a governor I believe our most important contribution is to represent patients and members to the best of our ability. The Trust gives us every opportunity to engage with services, ask questions and contribute to its plans and direction.

ln my professional life I have been a Principal of Colleges of Further Education and served as a National Leader of Governance in that sector. I have experience of contributing to governance in the education and charity services, including until recently as a trustee at Portland College, Mansfield, which serves people with disabilities. I chair the Nottinghamshire branch of Cruse, the bereavement services charity.


Derek Brown

Photograph of Derek Brown public governor for nottinghamshire healthcareDeclarations of interest - no interest declared.

About me:

I am a retired Local Government Senior Manager who worked in both Finance and IT departments. I worked in Nottinghamshire Local Authorities for 38 years and was committed to providing local services for local people, with good governance and achieving best value for public monies.

Since retiring, amongst many things, for the last six years I have been a volunteer at the Adolescent Unit at Thorneywood in Nottingham. I am particularly interested in mental health issues that affect young people and the best service provision locally for our young people, their family and friends

I also feel passionately about anti stigma, inclusion and good service provision that values all and is supportive and relevant for all age groups. 

Having worked in a Local Authority environment under tight budgetary control, I am extremely interested in the financial management of the Trust for the best provision for service users. I have always been a great believer that the greatest asset any organisation is the staff team and know through experience that valuing, respecting and listening to the staff team, leads to innovative, safe, caring and responsive services for local people.

On taking up this new position on the Council of Governors, I hope to contribute to the development and progress of Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

I am an active listener who likes to put ideas into action. I am looking forward to meeting and listening to patients, family, friends, carers, staff and the members of Positive I have been elected to represent about their ideas and thoughts regarding the services and the future of the Trust and the people it serves. 


Susan Kernahan

Susan KernahanDeclarations of Interest - No interest declared

About me:

I am delighted to have been elected as a Governor and thanks to all those who voted for me.

I am passionate about everything that I do and I get my energy, motivation and satisfaction through working with people and teams to achieve improved outcomes for people.

I was born in Nottingham and trained as a Nurse at The City Hospital and QMC. I entered the commercial healthcare sector early in my career and have had the pleasure of working for global market leading companies, where I progressed my career from sales to Managing Director.

I previously worked as a trustee for a health care charity and currently I am a volunteer for Improving Lives, a charity in Nottingham who support individuals that have a wide range of social needs. As a patient member of my local GP practice and through attendance at local QIPP meetings, I feel I am close to the views of service users, which I believe will allow me to represent them effectively in my Governor role. In addition to my voluntary roles I work as a self-employed health care consultant. In all my roles, both commercial and voluntary, I have supported individuals with many issues and challenges relating to body image, mental health, addiction, domestic violence and loneliness.

I am proud of our NHS and take my role as a Governor very seriously. I will execute my duties through working with the team of other Governors, Non-Executive and Executive Directors of the trust, to provide the best possible care and support to the citizens of Nottinghamshire.

Last but of foremost importance to me, I aim to live life to the full with my wonderful husband Charles, our families and friends and Stanley our Kerry Blue Terrier.


Tad Jones

Tad JonesDeclarations of Interest - no interest declared

About me:

I was born in Nottingham and live in Redhill. I went to local schools before going to Liverpool to study pharmacology, St Andrews for a biochemistry PhD, and then returning for a MA in international relations at Nottingham Trent. I have worked in the NHS since 2009, first at the City Hospital and QMC, and currently work for the Health Research Authority in Nottingham. 

As a Governor I want to make sure every person involved with the Trust is treated with dignity, compassion and respect. Everyone has a right to be heard and I will listen to these voices to guide me. 


Teresita Martin-Browning

Teresita Martin-BrowningDeclarations of Interest - no interest declared

About me:

I am Teresita Martin-Browning, originally from Manila, Philippines. I came to the UK in 1974 to commence nurse training at Saxondale Hospital. I have worked in adult mental health, on wards and in the community and in forensic units. I have worked as Enrolled Nurse, Staff Nurse, Deputy Ward manager, Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) and Clinical Team Leader.

When I was involved in Practice Development research, I was passionate about valuing the opinion and experiences of service users, carers and staff. As a Governor I will maintain that passion.

The last project I took part in before I retired was “Releasing Time to Care” which set out to identify efficiencies in practical tasks that would enable staff to focus more on therapeutic time spent with service users. My specific project in that initiative was to devise a new method for safe and efficient administration of medication. What could be more important than having valuable therapeutic time.

As an ambassador for the trust I will maintain my positivity, openness and honesty to support the vision and the objectives of the trust. I will however challenge and decision-making that I don’t think will benefit the public.


Anita Astle

Anita AstleDeclarations of Interest - 

  • Managing Director of Wren Hall Nursing Home
  • 50 percent ownership of Wren Hall Nursing Home
  • Director of Nottinghamshire Care Association
  • Co-researcher of funded research with Nottinghamshire Healthcare





Julie Walton

Julie WaltonDeclarations of Interest - no interest declared






Dean Repper

Dean RepperDeclarations of interest -

  • Company Director at Trent Psychological Therapies Services
  • Company Director at ARC Community Interest Company







We currently have three vacancies in the Nottinghamshire County constituency.


Public Governors - South Yorkshire and East Midlands


Paul Longhorn Paul Longhorn

Declaration of Interest - no interest declared






We currently have one vacancy in the South Yorkshire and the rest of the East Midlands constituency.

Public Governors - The rest of England and Wales

George Ross

George RossDeclaration of Interest - no interest delcared

About me:

I am a previous employee of Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust; leaving in 2014 after 13 years at Rampton Hospital. Before this, I worked in many different hospitals and trusts and have great deal of experience in understanding the problems and concerns of patients, carers and staff.

I believe the NHS to be a great institution which can deliver exceptional care. However, the pressures on it are significant. And these are unlikely to lessen in the near future.

I hope my input as a governor of the trust can help foster a culture of openness and transparency through meaningful communication among patients, their carers, staff and the community.


Gbenga 'Gbemiga' Shadare

Gbenga ShadareDeclaration of Interest:

  • Director of Africa@UK Limited and African Research Alliance
  • Director 3AAG Limited

About me:

Since 2010, I have been an active member of the Nottinghamshire NHS. I graduated from the University of Nottingham (Masters) and am currently completing my doctorate degree at the University of Sheffield. My research interest includes public policy, social policy, political sociology, social work in developing contexts and the evolution of the welfare state. I am fully in support of keeping the NHS core principles and values as they are, but with significant investments that will produce innovations and improvements in critical areas.

 I am extremely passionate about service excellence and innovation and this will drive me during my tenure as Governor. I hope to bring this special interest and other expertise to the Board, in the hope that it would allow me engage with others in exploring ways we can collectively improve on service user engagements and service delivery across all levels at the Trust. I hope to actively engage with the public and membership across the health region whilst I am on the board. 

With my previous executive management and leadership experience in areas as diverse as finance, banking, asset management, risk management, security printing and management consulting, I am hoping to bring these skills to bear in my role as a Governor working with other colleagues to ensure that our NHS Governance is anchored on service excellence principles of transparency, quality service and commitment to optimising resources. I am currently an international development practitioner working in developing regions to help improve public health, social and educational outcomes within disadvantaged communities. 

I am a father and have a very fulfilled relationship with my partner.

Staff Governors

Dr Pallab Majumder

Dr Pallab MajumberConstituency - Medical

Declaration of Interest - no interest declared

About me:

Dr Pallab Majumder; MBBS; MRCPsych; MD; PhD  

Dr Majumder works as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist for Nottingham City CAMHS Looked After Children’s Team. He is also an Honorary Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham and his research and academic interests include mental health of refugee children, mental health of looked after children and post graduate medical education. Dr Majumder also works as the Training Programme Director for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training scheme in Health Education England – East Midlands.


Emma Dominey-Hill

Constituency - Allied Health Professionals                     Emma Dominey-Hill

Declarations of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I have been a qualified Speech and Language Therapist for 17 years and worked in Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust for the last 13 years. I am passionate  about advocating for service users with language and communication needs, whose voices are often the least heard. I believe that for AHPS  holistic, person centred care is at the core of all we do and provide. As a range of diverse professions, the scope of the role we can offer is broad and currently not utilised to its full potential in many areas. 

I have worked across forensic and local services, with both children and adults, giving me a broad range of experience in different clinical services. This has also enabled me to be part of different systems and structures within the trust and to be aware of the challenges for different staff groups. I am a regular attender of the Trust AHP Forum, as well as our trust SLT Professional Advisory Group. I have previous experience in working within committees such as supporting my professional body (RCSLT) with developing SLT Apprenticeship routes, sitting as Chair of our Clinical Excellence Network Criminal Justice and Secure Setting.


Helen Caldwell

Helen Caldwell Constituency - Allied Health Professionals

Declaration of Interest - no interest declared

About me:

I am a physiotherapist who has worked within the NHS for the past 9 years. Prior to this I worked in the private advertising/marketing sector, gaining an MBA along the way, so feel I bring a business head alongside my clinical background. Within my clinical role, I have rotated throughout different specialities, both acute & community, physical health & mental health and have worked with some wonderful, kind and compassionate AHPs on the way. This, along with a strong belief in the NHS, has spurred me to want to become a staff governor to ensure our staff feel safe & supported, to deliver the best possible care for our patients. AHP’s are fundamental to the progressive changes facing the NHS, and as such it is vital for their viewpoints to be heard.


Graham Woodward

Graham WoodwardConstituency - Nursing

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:




Stacey Treloar

Stacey Treloar Constituency - Nursing

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:





Linda Teague Linda Teague

Constituency - Clinical Support

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I have been working within the NHS for 10 years. Originally this was a paediatrics Physiotherapy Technical Instructor role, recently this changed to a Therapy Support Worker.

I am hard working and a strong believer in the NHS and its values.  I have, and do, work with a wide age range of children/young people  between 3-19 years of age. I believe in offering them my full support as part of my role. I have a strong voice and believe in loyalty and honesty, both within my role and personally. I am not afraid to share my opinion, whilst still respecting other people's. I listen well to other people and hard work in any situation, with both compassion and empathy at the forefront. 


Malcolm Streets

Malcolm Streets Constituency - Clinical Support

Declaration of interest: no interest declared

About me:

I started working for the Medical Out of Hours team  based at Bassetlaw Hospital in 2010 as a driver, Since then our service has grown to meet the increased demands of Bassetlaw such that I and my colleagues have retrained to become Health Assistant/Drivers doing GP home Visits Out of Hours. It is very rewarding and challenging with a very steep learning curve. On a personal note I love rugby union ( leister Tigers for my sins ), Gardening and have adopted two rescue dogs ( Tetley & Mable ) so end up doing a lot of walking. As a Newley elected staff Governor, I am keen to support all the wonderful hard working staff of Nottinghamshire Healthcare. I like straight talking and don't like getting the run around. I believe in our staff and have witnessed first hand the extra mile they all go to when  looking after our patients. I am honesty hard working, a good listener with a real passion for the NHS and all that it stands for.


Tony Bradstock

Tony Bradstock Constituency - Non-Clinical Support

Declaration of interest - no interest declared

About me:

I started working for the Trust in 2009 at Bassetlaw Hospital, before moving to my current position of an associate lecturer in the Education Team at Rampton Hospital. I have been working within mental health services for 20 years. Initially in homelessness; working in drop-in centres, hostels, with rough sleepers and managing an outreach and resettlement project. In becoming a Governor Member I will ensure that the views of the Trust's service users, carers and staff contribute to the Trust's future direction, growth and development. I will to do this by visiting areas, meeting teams and responding to and feeding back on issues raised. I have particular interests around increasing the educational opportunities for our service users and also want to promote the excellent developmental opportunities available for staff. As a Governor Member, I believe I can offer a representative perspective on developing and enhancing services in line with the Trust's priorities and services user needs.

Partner Governors

Paddy Tipping

Paddy TippingDeclaration of interest - listed below

Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire

Non Executive Chair for Nottinghamshire LIFTCos

Chair for Nottinghamshire Community Foundation

Class - Police and Crime

About me:

Former MP Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), was re-elected with an overwhelming majority in May 2016. Chair of the Police Reform and Transformation Board and the Business Enablers sub-committee, he has been at the forefront of the debate on police funding and the calls for modernisation of the police service. He is the Labour-party’s lead on police finance matters and also sits on the Board of the Police ICT company. In addition, he was asked to Chair the Governance Sub-Committee of the Specialist Capabilities Programme which is currently examining how best the Police can respond to new challenges in the changing policing landscape. As an MP he served in a several government positions, undertook a number of efficiency studies for the then Prime Minister Tony Blair and was closely involved in the Lawrence Inquiry.

Lucy Robinson Lucy Robinson

Declaration on interest - none declared

Class - Chamber of Commerce







Rob Gardiner

Rob GardinerDeclaration of interest - 

Holds a position of authority within the Carers Federation Ltd

Class - Carers Federation

About me:

As a resident of Nottingham since 1980 I have been involved in various initiatives aimed at making tangible improvements in the lives of citizens of the city.

My working life has focused on social care and health. I worked in social work for Nottinghamshire before spending 12 years as Regional Counselling Manager for ChildLine. I am currently Deputy Chief Executive for Carers Federation having started working for them in 2005. I Chair the Trust's Community of Interest for carers, families and friends. I am a member of Nottingham City Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board and a Director of CF Trading Company Ltd. I recently became a member of the interim Board for Healthwatch Nottingham and sit on the CCG People's Council.

I have been living with my partner for over 30 years and we have two delightful boys.



Kathy Thomas

Kathy ThomasDeclaration of interest: No interest declared

Class - Barnardos 

About me:

I began my working life as a Nursey Officer in Day Nurseries working for Derbyshire County Council and undertook various management roles across the authority until 2005 when I decided I needed a new challenge; during this time , I also became a qualified Social Worker.

I was successful in gaining a Service Manager post with Barnardo’s and have remained here since that time, this role  focussed on operational service delivery.

My current role is  that of Assistant Director – Children’s Services and as such I am  strategically accountable for a wide variety of service provision, some examples of this being; Family Support, Leaving Care, Palliative Care, CSE, Youth Inclusion, Therapy services, Young Carers and Advocacy. I also work pro-actively with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to help influence change and shape future service delivery and design  in order to create better outcomes for children, young people and their families .


Roshan Das Nair

Roshan Das Nair Declaration of interest - listed below

  • Member of the NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Board
  • Received funding from Novartis and Biogen for presenting lectures
  • Vice-chair of the MS Society’s Grant Review Panel 2
  • Research & Innovation Lead (Surgical Division) – Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • External Partners Lead, School of Medicine Research Executive, University of Nottingham
  • Chair of the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit East Midlands Regional Advisory Committee

Class - The University of Nottingham

About me:

I am Professor of Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology at the University of Nottingham and the Institute of Mental Health. My research focuses on developing and evaluating healthcare programmes to support people who have multiple sclerosis, stroke, or brain injuries. I have worked as a clinician with the NHS in Nottingham since 2004, prior to which I worked in health and academic settings in Zambia and India.


Councillor Kevin Rostance Councillor Kevin Rostance

Class - Nottinghamshire County Council

Declaration of interest - none declared






Third Sector Organisation


Class - Nottingham City Council




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