The Trust will shorly commence an election to fill 2 Nursing vacancies on it's Council of Governors. Nominations will be sought from Wednesday 20 February 2019 and will close at 5pm on Thursday 7 March.

Communication will be circulated shortly to all members of the Nursing constituency via email from Electoral Reform Services (ERS). This will detail all the information on how you can nominate yourself for election. If you would like more informaiton about this role please visit the Council of Governors main page on our website.

For further information about this election please contact Becky Cassidy at becky.cassidy@nottshc.nhs.uk or call 0115 9691300 ext:10509

Election Results can be found here:

2019 Election Report of voting.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Uncontested Report.pdf [pdf] 2MB


Previous Election Results:

Election Results 2018.[pdf] 112KB

2017 Election Result [pdf] 1MB

2017 By-Election Results for Public Rest Of England and Wales.pdf [pdf] 1MB

2014 Election Results [pdf] 64KB