Gifts and Patient Possessions

You are welcome to bring gifts for your relative/friend when you visit. Please arrive in plenty of time for your visit to enable your gifts to be processed. There are a few restrictions on what you can bring in for safety and security reasons – please look at the prohibited items list.

We will process all gifts at the gift-processing desk and they will be subject to an x-ray. Anything not approved to enter the hospital can be stored in a locker in the reception area for you to collect when you leave the hospital.

The High Security Psychiatric Services (Arrangements for Safety and Security) Directions 2019 and guidance requires Rampton Hospital to have arrangements in place to ensure that the number and type of possessions a patient has is consistent with the requirements of safety and security in the hospital.

This means that all patients have a limit on the amount and type of items they can keep in their rooms.  Patients can store extra belongings in their individual boxes in the patient storage area.  They can swap their belongings from the storage to their rooms and visa versa.

Music CD’s / Books / Magazines / Games / Toiletries

These are appropriate gifts though we ask you consider the following:

  • CD’s cannot be re-writable (DVD’s are not permissible). 
  • There is no alcohol in any of the toiletries.
  • Toiletries are not in glass containers.
  • Games that need batteries - we ask that you check with the ward before bringing them in. 
  • All individual console games must be PEGI rated 16 or below.

If you are unsure if a gift is permissible or not, please contact your patient’s social worker.


We ask that you do not take money into the hospital.

To gift money to your relative / friend - collect a money envelope from main reception, complete the information required, seal the money in the envelope, then post it in the secure box in the visitors waiting lounge. The money will be deposited into the patients personal bank account.

Food and Drink

Please see the section on the carers information page.

Electrical gifts

Patients are limited on the number and type of electrical items they can have in their bedrooms. Some items may be classed as a ‘restricted item’ (such as an electric razor / hairdryer) this means that patients will only be able to access these with staff supervision and they will be locked securely away on the ward whilst not in use.

Any item which is Internet / Wi-Fi enabled or which has a hard drive will not be allowed into the hospital.

All electrical gifts will be sent for portable appliance testing (PAT) prior to use.

Before you gift an electrical product, please speak to the ward or the patient’s social worker to see if the item is permissible. 

Games consoles and MP3 players

Games Consoles

The Hospital Security Committee approves and maintains a list of approved games consoles. Patients are allowed to own and access a games console but there is a limited list of what console & MP3 players they can own.

  • Only one game console / MP3 player can be stored or used within a patient bedroom at a time.
  • All cables included with the approved game console or controllers must be less than two metres in length - cables must not be shortened or held together using cable ties or similar.
  • Only a single controller is permitted in a patient’s bedroom at a time.
  • Approved games consoles that require a television must be only used in patient bedrooms.
  • Individual games are included in the maximum number of music CDs/individual games each patient are allowed.
  • All individual games must be PEGI rated 16 or below.
  • No SD storage / external memory cards.

The current approved list of games consoles:

  • Sega Mega Drive with 85 Built-in Games HD
  • Sega Ultimate Portable Game Player Console with 85 Games
  • The Commodore 64 C64 Mini Console
  • Nintendo Game Cube 2.4ghz Wireless Controller
  • Nintendo Game Cube
  • Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade 250 Games
  • Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Console
  • Atari Flashback Portable Games Console with 70 Games
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance
  • Sega Portable Console with 80 Built-In Games
  • Sega Portable Console with 30 Built-In Games


MP3 Players

Patients can own and access an MP3 player, they can be purchased through the Hospital patient shop. Pre-loaded MP3 players will not be permitted into the hospital.

The current approved list of MP3 players:

  • Bush 8GB MP3 Player

Patient possessions

Each patient is individually risk assessed and the type of items that they can keep in their rooms will differ. What isn’t kept in their bedroom will either be kept in their personal locker on the ward or in storage.

As a general rule the following can be kept in a patient’s bedroom:

  • Clothing
  • Electrical Items /leads – Radio / HiFi etc – max of 3 (not including the hospital TV). Power cables – max 2 meters per item (5 meters total (including speaker cable).
  • Books – up to 10 in room
  • Posters / Pictures – Max of 4 (no glass in frames)
  • Plants – 1 only (at staff discretion and from the hospital Horticulture dept)
  • Personal Letters / Documents / Paper – equivalent to 2 box files worth.
  • Toiletries – Max of 8 items (I per item type i.e. toothpaste/toothbrush/shower gel etc)
  • Food Items – not to be stored in bedrooms.  Small quantities of food may be taken to room upon retiring to bed (i.e. 1x packet of crisps up to 1000mls juice)

If you are a carer, friend or relative of a patient and would like information, please contact the Family and Volunteer Support Service on 01777 247571. Alternatively, visit our Rampton Hospital Family and Volunteer Support Service pages.



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