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We're supporting Carers Week

Carers are very important to us here at Nottinghamshire Healthcare. That’s why, from 12 June, we’re supporting Carers Week.

The Trust is a member of the Triangle of Care, a pledge to make sure that carers are included in a person’s care, with the service user and healthcare staff making up the other two points of the triangle. This is an important part of the work we do all of the time - not just during Carers Week - to make sure that carers are valued, supported and included.

We have made a pledge on the Carers Week website, outlining our ongoing commitment to carers:

“Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust will work with staff teams to complete year two of the Triangle of Care. In doing so, we will continue to improve how staff support, involve and communicate with unpaid carers.

We will continue to build a carer friendly Trust by training more staff in carer awareness and share relevant information with staff to enable them to signpost carers to the information they need via our website and through face to face contact.

We will show our carers awareness films to more staff to highlight some of the challenges they face and promote partnership working with carers and families.

We will remember to appreciate and thank unpaid carers more often for their generosity, expertise and the time they give freely to our Trust.”



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