Self care

Self-care and management of long term conditions is a key element of all services, supporting the care people take towards their own health and wellbeing.

Self-care is applicable to us all; it describes all of the things we do which maintain our physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing. It can include:

  • Taking appropriate medication
  • Attending appointments
  • Making informed choices about care
  • Relaxing, eating healthily and taking exercise
  • Being socially active
  • Getting involved in your community

There are many services and organisations that can help you to self-care in and around Nottinghamshire. You can find them on the Nottinghamshire Help Yourself Self website.


Educational Resources

Learn more about how to self-care, and living with a physical or mental health condition by enrolling in the Recovery College in Mapperley or attending a Staying Well course in Bassetlaw.



If you have a long term condition, you may want to ask your Health professional about FLO, a simple telehealth free text messaging service that you can access from your home or mobile phone. It will help you take a more active role in your health care. Read more about FLO.



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