Help in a crisis during Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

During this COVID-19 pandemic there may have to be changes in the way some of our services work. Please contact the service directly to check how services are being delivered and follow their advice.

Outside of office hours please contact your GP service or visit NHS 111.

Only visit your local Emergency Department for serious life-threatening conditions that need immediate medical attention including persistent severe chest pain, loss of consciousness, acute confused state, severe blood loss, serious burns, suspected stroke.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team

Who do we help?

Our service is for young people experiencing a mental health crisis. This includes young people who:

  • are at risk of immediate and significant self-harm
  • are an immediate and significant risk to others due to their mental health
  • are being considered for admission to a mental health inpatient unit
  • are in acute psychological or emotional distress that is causing them to not be able to go about their daily activities, such as going to school and looking after themselves

Intensive home treatment

Intensive home treatment is for young people:

  • who have acute psychiatric or psychological symptoms
  • whose mental health is getting worse, and who are at high risk of experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis

We help to plan for young people who are ready to come home from a psychiatric hospital.

We also help to provide out of hours care for young people who are already working with specialist CAMHS teams.

Discharge from CAMHS Crisis

When a young person no longer needs to be seen by the crisis team, we will make a discharge plan with them and their family as early as possible. This is to make sure they can have a positive move to another service.

This might be to another community CAMHS service, to another service/ agency or back to universal services (such as their GP or school nurse). This depends on the needs of the young person.

Support groups

Service opening hours

  • 8am - 10pm on weekdays
  • 10am - 6pm at weekends

Accessing our service

Health, social care or education workers can assess whether CAMHS support is needed and make a referral. Parents/carers and young people can also self-refer for CAMHS support using our online form or by calling 0115 854 2299.

Contact and find us

Tel: 01158542299 or 01158440560.



CAMHS Crisis Team
The Lookout
Foster Drive
NG5 3FL 


CAMHS Crisis Team
3-5 Lindsay Close
NG18 5TF

Information for health professionals

How to refer


Via the County CAMHS SPA (Single Point of Access), located at Thorneywood. The SPA will screen and allocate all incoming referrals to the appropriate CAMHS team. 

Telephone: 01158542299 or 01158440501



Via the City CAMHS SPA, located at Glenbrook. The SPA will screen and allocate all incoming referrals to the appropriate CAMHS team. 

Telephone: 01158764000


Process for assessment – hospital

The team offer mental health assessment to young people presenting to hospital with acute mental health needs and/or self harm.


Process for assessment - community

The team will assess within four hours of an urgent community referral, if the referral is made between 8am and 6pm on weekdays, or between 10am and 2pm at weekends.

Outside of these hours, we will contact the young person and family and arrange an assessment for the following day. We will put a safety plan in place for the young person until the assessment.


In-reach function

For those young people who do require a psychiatric admission we will support the inpatient unit and community teams by offering in-reach support by facilitating home leave and attending ward rounds in order to provide a timely and safe discharge.

The team can offer intensive home treatment to help people adjust when they leave hospital, if this is needed.


Lead clinician

Sarah Grainger


Service commissioned by

Nottinghamshire Joint Commissioning Board


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