Getting support

Library services

Nottinghamshire libraries offer a number of sessions and services that support children’s early language and reading development. For example free Bookstart packs, Rattle Rhyme and Roll and Story Hullaballoo sessions. Why not visit and see how Nottinghamshire’s library service can help you support your child’s early language and reading skills?

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Children's Centres

Every Nottinghamshire Children’s Centre has:

A speech and language therapist (SLT). An SLT's job it is to train, advise and support parents and professionals to provide the ideal environments for children to learn to talk at the right age and to offer support and advice for those that may need it. You can contact your Children’s Centres SLT at your local Children’s Centre.

A language lead, who supports the work of the speech and language therapist by ensuring that all activities at the centre are of good quality to develop children’s language and to offer groups, support and advice about how to develop children’s language in every day situations. Your local centre will be running a number of fun activities that can take part in to develop your child’s language e.g. Toddler Talk, Say and Sign.

A Home Talk worker, who can offer home visits for families of two year olds who may need a little bit of extra support to develop their speech, language and communication skills. Click here to view our Home Talk leaflet [pdf] 429KB - to find out more/contact your local Children’s Centre for more information.

If you have concerns that a child’s behaviour needs may be linked to underlying speech, language and communication needs you can speak to your local Children’s Centre Speech and language therapist for advice. You can also contact them by calling 07788386264 or sending an email to

Healthy Family Teams

Healthy Family Teams offer advice and support around all aspects of a child’s development, including speech, language and communication. At two years of age they will ask parents additional questions about their child’s language development and will offer additional advice and leaflets about how parents and families can help their child develop the very best skills they can. They may also recommend support from the Children’s Centre, such as Home Talk, the speech and language therapy team or from an early years educational placement.

Find out more about Healthy Families Teams and how to contact them.

Children's Speech and Language Therapy

Despite early support some children may still need to see a speech and language therapist. As well as the Children’s Centre SLT team, children with delays in their speech, language and communication skills can be referred to the Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service. Find out more about Children's Speech and Language Therapy.