Board of Directors and meetings

We are a public organisation and as such we are accountable to the people we serve.

Our Board of Directors is made up of a Chair, a Chief Executive, Non-Executive Directors, and Executive Directors.

Their role is to:

  • agree and set the strategic direction of the Trust
  • regularly monitor our performance against national standards
  • ensure we provide the best possible services which offer the people of Nottinghamshire best value for money
  • actively ensure we communicate with the people we serve


Our Board of Directors

Non-Executive Directors

  • Paul Devlin (Chair)
  • Steve Banks (Senior Independent Director)
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Trevor Orman
  • Carolyn White
  • Susan Nixon
  • Dr Alison Rose-Quirie

Executive Directors

  • Dr John Brewin – Chief Executive
  • Dr Julie Attfield – Executive Director of Mental Health
  • Simon Crowther  Director of Finance
  • Dr Julie Hankin–  Interim Executive Director of Forensic Services 
  • Dr Itai Matumbike - Interim Executive Medical Director
  • Anne-Maria Newham - Executive Director of Nursing, Quality and AHPs
  • Clare Teeney - Director of People and Culture

Trust Management Structure.pdf[pdf] 248KB

Board AGM Dates 2020-21 Calendar of Board and Related Meetings.doc [doc] 59KB



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