Board of Directors and meetings

We are a public organisation and as such we are accountable to the people we serve.

Our Board of Directors is made up of a Chair, a Chief Executive, Non-Executive Directors, and Executive Directors.

Their role is to:

  • agree and set the strategic direction of the Trust
  • regularly monitor our performance against national standards
  • ensure we provide the best possible services which offer the people of Nottinghamshire best value for money
  • actively ensure we communicate with the people we serve


Our Board of Directors

Non-Executive Directors

  • Professor Dean Fathers (Chair)
  • Sheila Wright
  • Peter Parsons
  • Steve Banks
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Di Bailey
  • Trevor Orman
  • Carolyn White


Executive Directors

  • Dr John Brewin – Chief Executive
  • Dr Julie Attfield – Executive Director of Nursing
  • Simon Crowther  Director of Finance
  • Peter Wright  Executive Director - Forensic Services
  • Dr Julie Hankin – Executive Medical Director
  • Paul Smeeton  Executive Director - Local Partnerships 
  • Angela Potter - Director of Business Development and Marketing (non voting member)
  • Clare Teeney - Director of Human Resources (non voting member)

Trust Management Structure [pdf] 128KB

The Trust Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis. A list of meeting dates in 2018 can be found below. Unless otherwise stated all meetings are at Duncan Macmillan House and begin at 9.15am.

Calendar of Board Meetings 2019.pdf[pdf] 29KB

In addition to our Board of Directors, we have a Leadership Council, made up of senior clinicians and managers. The Leadership Council works closely with the Board of Directors to deliver our operational objectives - what we do now -  and our strategic direction; what we intend to do in the future.