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Staff presents at HSJ Patient Safety Congress

Rachael Humpston, Occupational Therapist at Rampton Hospital is displaying her poster presentation at the HSJ Patient Safety Congress today. She will be showcasing a project she led on at Rampton Hospital after her poster was shortlisted in the Patient Voice Category.

The presentation is on a Transitional Stories project that was ran on Brecon, the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in the Personality Disorder Service, at Rampton Hospital. The purpose of this project was to encourage individuals to talk about their experiences of life on a PICU. It aimed to encourage individuals to challenge stigma and self-stigmatisation. They started with creating Brecon Babushkas, designing 3 images to illustrate how they want to be seen, how they think they are viewed by others, and how they feel deep down (what others rarely see). As well as helping patients connect at the beginning of the group, these also helped them realise that they were not alone with many of their feelings. They then went on to design and develop boards that illustrated the role of Brecon.

Well done Rachael for this fantastic work.




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