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Green Plan

Health and environmental issues, especially air quality and climate change, are directly linked and a worsening climate has negative consequences for public health. But, globally, the health sector is a significant contributor to climate change. We recognise the importance of designing and delivering sustainable healthcare services and reducing our environmental impact wherever possible.


Our Green Plan

The Green Plan is a strategic document to support the Trust’s work important work over the next four years towards the delivery of net zero carbon emissions and sustainable healthcare by 2045. It was originally launched in January 2022 and has been refreshed and version 2 published in July 2023 to adapt to and reflect any changes since that time. This includes updating existing objectives and recognising those that have been achieved such as developing an Estates Strategy, training our Board of Directors in sustainability, increasing our plant based options on menus and reducing stock holdings across pharmacy dispensaries through a transformation programme.  It also includes new objectives such as linking actions to the health inequalities agenda and mapping clinical pathways against sustainable healthcare principles.

The Green Plan sets a clear strategic intent and a vision for the Trust to be:

‘A resilient and robust service provision which can adapt to a changing climate whilst delivering efficient, low carbon, patient focussed care’

The overarching aims of our Green Plan are to:

  • ensure our approach is aligned to the NHS-wide ambition to become the world’s first healthcare system to reach net zero carbon emissions
  • ensure we prioritise interventions which simultaneously improve patient care and community wellbeing, while tackling climate change and broader sustainability issues
  • plan for and make capital investments while increasing operational efficiencies

View the Green Plan

View the Green Plan summary page 

In the last year some of our achievements have included:

  • Utilising a Sustainability Impact Assessment in the bidding process
  • Completing the 4th year of our behaviour change scheme, Green Impact and committing to a 5th
  • Holding monthly staff webinars or “GreenPod” to share learning on environment sustainability and topics of the Green Plan
  • Continuing to procure 100% renewable REGO backed energy for the site where the contract is managed by the Trust
  • Expanding our electric vehicle charging network
  • Expanding our electric vehicle fleet
  • Retaining our ISO14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System
  • Delivering sustainability training to our Board of Directors
  • Increasing our plant-based options on menus
  • Reducing stock holdings across pharmacy dispensaries through a transformation programme

View our Annual Report 2022-23

Environmental Policy

The Trust has an Environmental Policy to ensure that the we comply with environmental legislation and best practice and actively encourages all staff to participate in and contribute towards improving the sustainability performance of the Trust.

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If you have any questions about sustainability at Nottinghamshire Healthcare, please contact the team:

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