Co-production workshops

The New Care Model programme team is holding a number of co-production workshop events to enable staff, service users, patients, families and carers to get involved with the programme and share their views, suggestions and experience.

Nigel Groves presenting

Co-production workshop 16 January

The first workshop took place on 16 January 2019.  Read a roundup of the event[docx] 625KB

Co-production workshop 28 February

A further workshop was held on 28 February 2019.  Once again, there was a great range of attendees bringing their experience and opinions.  Presentations included an overview and introduction from the New Care Model programme team, the importance of service user experience and involvement and what peer support can offer.  There was also discussion around establishing a single point of access for referrals into the services that will come under the new model.  Everyone was also asked their thoughts and suggestions on the values that should underpin the project and a meaningful name for the East Midlands programme.  

Feedback from the day was positive with many people commenting on how useful it was to have a lot of time for discussion with service users as well as health professionals and that the mix of participants from different organisations and all with individual experience, knowledge and skills, led to a really useful conversation.  

The presentations from the event are available to download below:

Co-production Workshop Feb 2019 - NCM team.pptx [pptx] 201KB

New Care Model 28 Feb 2019 Nigel Groves.ppt [ppt] 1MB

Peer Support in Forensic Services.pptx [pptx] 110KB

NCM workshop Cygnet Derby.PPTX [pptx] 214KB

Co-production workshop 24 April

Read a roundup of the latest workshop   Co-production event April roundup.docx [docx] 360KB

Co-production workshop feedback April 2019.docx [docx] 36KB

Impact presentation.pptx [pptx] 6MB

Other presentations at the event:

Co-production presentation April 19 - Jacky and Mark.pptx [pptx] 976KB

Co-Production Workshop April 2019 Katina and Claire.pptx [pptx] 2MB

East Midland NCM event 24-4-19 Ian Callaghan.pptx [pptx] 458KB

NCM Presentation - Turning Point.pptx [pptx] 100KB

Our Journey to Discharge - SAH.pptx [pptx] 5MB

Co-production workshop 13 June

This workshop focused on transitions through secure services.  A round-up of the day and presentations can be found below - 

Co-Production Event June Round up.docx [docx] 236KB

Co- production event June 2019.pptx [pptx] 1MB

New Care Models NHSE.pptx [pptx] 203KB

Improving Transitions.pptx [pptx] 800KB

Women’s Secure Blended Service Pilots.pptx [pptx] 2MB

St Andrews Blended Service Pilot.pptx [pptx] 9MB

Co-production event 12 September 2019

This event focused on the next steps of establishing the IMPACT Provider Collaboration.  A roundup of the day and presentations can be found below:

Co-production event 12 September 2019 roundup.pdf [pdf] 658KB

Clinical Model Update of Secure Services in the East Midlands 12 September 2019.pptx [pptx] 4MB

East Midlands pilot of the single point of access to secure services.pptx [pptx] 2MB

Leigh & Racheal Patient Passport Presentation September 2019.pptx [pptx] 693KB