Liaison and Diversion Service

Our team works with people from the age of 10 upwards who come in to contact with criminal justice agencies.

We operate in the Mansfield and Bridewell custody suites and the Mansfield, City Magistrates and Crown Courts. We offer assessment, liaison, diversion and, when required, short-term follow up.

We aim to identify a person’s vulnerabilities at the earliest point of the criminal justice system and share relevant information with the justice agencies. Where appropriate we will then refer them into relevant services, supporting them through the referral process. We also support, where required, those people with vulnerabilities through the criminal justice system.


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Accessing our service

Access to the service is via referral from staff working in the police custody suite, magistrates and crown courts. Services which have accepted an onward referral are also able to contact us.

People may receive an offer of an assessment by the service once they leave the custody suite or court and contact details will be given on the offer of assessment letter.

Contact and find us

County service

Heatherdene, 3 Crow Hill Drive, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 7AE
Telephone: 01623 434649 - office hours only


City service

Westminster House, 598 The Wells Road, Nottingham, NG3 3AA
Telephone: 0115 955 5359 - office hours only.

Lead clinician

Dr Mark Taylor, Clinical Director.

Service commissioned by

  • NHS England



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